“Alla Lettera” is a tribute to the world of Typography, therefore to the “shape” of the words, but “alla lettera” also means “doing things right”, with quality and respect for traditions.

The style project, which aim is to present and and introduce the whole project, makes use of Bodoni font in its logotype, and introduces the set-up theme already in its logo, through the use of several “O”s from different families, in order to represent the main product of the restaurant, the Pizza.
This is because every pizza is similar, but always different, due to its artisanal preparation.
The menu is presented as a newspaper, the uniform of the staff, designed by the fashion designer Antonio Rizza,
are inspired by those worn by typographers who made use of typefaces, including their sleeves shelters.
The restaurant is supposed to be a place-in-progress, that’s why the used items look always non finito.
There are many objects, similar among them, but always different at the same time, give a particular imprinting to the set-up: the lamps, exclusively designed for Alla Lettera by Operai del Design, are made avoiding to homologate their shape, chairs are “snatched” from the industrial production when rough, and then customized one by one.
We carried out a careful research for the design of the necessary equipment for the proper conduct of the business, from the study of the consolles (deconstructed to obtain better flexibility) to the towel (which has an eyelet which allows to hook it to the shirt button).
The great diversity of composition that the theme suggests is represented through the customisation of each single room that forms the restaurant, made by personalities who work at 360° in the world of design.
Every action has a double level of understanding: a first level of purely expressive attraction and a second level which reveals information and additional references which declare the teaching approach of the entire project.
Each good design should actually be messenger of culture. Customisation actions of the rooms will be periodically updated, always looking for new trials.